Poor Intranet

A lot of intranet engagements start with the client saying “our intranet sucks”... and the client is always right. We can help; we are the intranet experts and have assessed, planned and designed hundreds of intranets. We are experts at finding the “why” behind the problem, and building the solution.

The Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace is the sum of all your digital tools at work, of which the intranet is but one, but perhaps the most important. We will analyze and develop the necessary plans to define the intranet and its function relative to the full digital workplace, and other communications tools and systems.

Like so many fish in the ocean, there are endless attributes and requirements to plan, build & sustain a successful intranet, & digital workplace. We're here to help; from assessment & benchmarking, through design & implementation, to change management, content & operations. We do it all, from concept to live.

Your Issues

Your intranet issues, problems, and dreams are our challenge. We are the intranet experts, and can help you overcome any challenge, and realize any dream.
We've heard them all; all of the issues and problems facing a modern intranet or digital workplace. We've worked with more than 200 clients in 16+ years. 
If you think you have a unique problem or one that is complex and hard to unravel, give us a call and we can explore solutions together. A problem only exists until a solution is found and that’s where Prescient Digital Media excels. Through our consulting, we get to the heart of the matter, identify the issues and recommend solutions. If you want to find out more, please see our solutions and read our case studies.

For more information, contact us directly or call us directly at 416.926.8800.