Intranet Solutions

From assessment and benchmarking, through planning and user experience design, to implementation, and change management. We do it all: from concept to live. We have been planning, designing and building intranets for 22 years, and have worked with more than 250 organizations. Read more about our specific solutions below.

Digital Workplace Solutions

The Digital Workplace is the sum of all your digital tools at work, of which the intranet is but one, but perhaps the most important -- the gateway to the digital workplace. We analyze, and develop and implement the necessary plans to define the intranet and its function relative to the full digital workplace, and which includes other communications tools and systems in addition to the intranet.

Can't see the forest through the trees? Like any mission-critical business system, the intranet needs a plan, with measurable goals. We are the intranet planning and design experts. We see the forest, and the trees.

Our Solutions

Listen. Understand. Deliver. Our client approach is founded on the understanding that solutions only derive value from the problems they solve and/or the results they produce.

We build trust with our clients through a methodology based on: 

  • Understanding your unique needs; 
  • Develops a project approach that addresses your specific requirements; and
  • Delivers credible, client specific plans.

Our methodology, expertise and commitment to customer service enables our clients to deliver high-quality content, tools and services to their employees and stakeholders that deliver measurable business value. Our solutions include:

Our expertise:

Specific services of note:

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