"We can't find anything"

Employees often complain that they can’t find anything, or that the “search sucks” but the actual problem is a site that isn’t well planned, an information architecture that isn’t intuitive, and the lack of meta tags and naming conventions to aid search. When employees can’t find the information they need to do their job; that is a business problem. Employees aren’t being productive if they are wasting time looking, searching and asking someone where information is. Additionally, employees become frustrated which can impact overall engagement.

If you and your employees can’t find anything you’ll want to assess your intranet and plan for its improvement. Key for you will be the development of an intuitive information architecture that takes a user-centric approach to accessing information. You may want to consider developing personas and use cases to really tap into making navigation intuitive. Then develop governance and a well defined content management plan that indicates when content should be updated and archived.

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