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Internet Challenges and Considerations

By Jonas Lood - The Internet has changed significantly over the past 15 years. Today we commonly use the Internet to perform searches when we need to know information, transact business and connect with friends and colleagues. Most organizations depend on the Internet in one form or another for their business to operate successfully. Many of our day-to-day lifestyle tasks such as shopping, travel and online banking have been completely automated and are delivered through the Internet. In recent history, no other technology has changed our habits, touched our personal life and affected our economy as intensely as the Internet.

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Microsoft wants Facebook for more than eyeballs

by Toby Ward — After failing in their US$47.5 billion bid for Yahoo, the giant Microsoft is looking more closely at Facebook. While the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft bankers have begun to look into a Facebook purchase, neither side has commented on the story (a sure sign that something is afoot).

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