Usability can be defined as the ease with which people can identify and locate particular pieces of information, or perform a specific task.

Usability is critical because it directly affects ease of use, satisfaction, productivity (intranets) and sales (Internets). Usability testing, therefore, is an important part of intranet and website development as it provides invaluable data on how employees or users are using the site, what is or isn’t intuitive, and what their expectations are.

Prescient can conduct usability testing on an existing intranet or website to improve performance as well as on redeveloped sites at the wireframe stage so that testing can be conducted on a prototype and then tweaked before the final design stage. Prescient works with the client to define tasks and questions and conducts tests on a one-on-one basis with participants. A detailed report is compiled and recommendations are built on the analysis of the activities as well as on comments and discussion during the session. Best practices are also incorporated into all recommendations.

Usability testing is a way to put the focus back on the user to ensure the intranet or website is easy for them to use and to understand.

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