Enterprise Intranet Portal Package

Get your organization on the fast track to an effective intranet. The Enterprise Intranet Portal Package includes agile assessment and planning services, a progressive intranet rollout, user adoption and training services, as well as ongoing upgrades and support starting at $2 per user / month.

Launch an Intranet within 3 Months

We get you on the road to an effective intranet with our agile assessment and planning service. Our world-class intranet team works with you to realize your business objectives and then deploys the foundation of your intranet.

Within 3 months you'll have an optimized and performance-tuned intranet with:

  • collaboration features
  • social components (optional)
  • mobile support
  • search engine
  • policies and procedures portal
  • document repositories
  • application integration
  • robust information architecture
  • department solutions

We will also deliver a blueprint outlining the evolution of your intranet.

A Progressive Intranet that Continuously Evolves

We work in conjunction with your change management process to ensure your intranet evolves to meet your organization's changing needs. Regular intranet checkups include assessment and planning touch points, performance reporting, roadmap revisions, product upgrades, and progressive rollouts.

Ongoing Support Services for a Successful Intranet

Many intranets fail because there is limited ongoing support and an ineffective adoption strategy. Our team provides ongoing services including a consulting helpline, SLA, and technical support, which drive participation and adoption.

Solution includes:

  • Complete plan-to-launch solution
  • Regular six month platform upgrades
  • Re-Assessment at six & twelve months with enhancements
  • Ongoing participation in your governance council
  • Free consulting access
  • Free research access (research reports, case studies)
  • Free attendance at the annual Intranet Global Forum conference
  • Optional hosting
  • Warranty and SLA

To arrange a demo, or for more information contact us directly.

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