In many ways, websites and intranets are like telephone systems – they assist us in accomplishing mission-critical work all the time but their true value is rarely measured.

Most people and organizations inherently know and understand the value of the telephone and don’t require a detailed ROI balance sheet before buying a phone system. Like the telephone, most organizations inherently understand the value of a website and intranet, but don’t truly measure its value beyond HITS.

Please see our white paper: Finding ROI

Prescient Digital Media Internet and intranet consultants employ a formal, unique methodology and approach to evaluating and measuring the value of an intranet or website. The unique methodology, built on years of best practices and experience, focuses on six criteria:

  • Planning & Resources – the intangibles behind the user experience
  • Design & Layout the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the site (e.g. color, images, fonts, etc.), and the use of page space and real estate and how information is presented and organized on a given page
  • Search - the effectiveness of the search engine and the behind-the-scenes processes that enable effective search (e.g. meta tagging, taxonomy, etc.)
  • Usability & Information Architecture – the ease by which a user can navigate a site and complete tasks
  • Content any form of static (e.g. news relearses, biographies, etc.) or dynamically generated text
  • Tools & Innovation – interactive applications and tools that aid the user

In addition to this methodology approach to evaluating an intranet or website, Prescient uses a number of tools to measure and track other important metrics and KPIs including:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) measurement
  • User traffic and web analytics
  • User satisfaction
  • Usability
  • Benchmarks (benchmarking versus competitors & leaders)
  • Importance versus satisfaction

For more information on developing or measuring performance metrics (KPIs) for your website or intranet please contact us directly or phone us at 416.926.8800.

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