Intranet Blueprint

The Intranet Blueprint © 2013 is an all encompassing plan for assessing, planning and implementing a successful intranet. Our model for success, the Nexus of Intranet Success, is one that has been built over many years on the strength of dozens of projects.

The Nexus of Intranet Success

Nexus of Intranet Success

The blueprint includes all required activities and planning to begin constructing and implementing an intranet or intranet portal solution including:

  • Current intranet evaluation and gap analysis

  • Business requirements

  • User requirements

  • Benchmarking

  • Technical infrastructure analysis

  • Strategic plan

  • Governance model

  • Content and editorial policies

  • Standardization policy

  • Functional plan

  • Business case (ROI)

  • Information architecture

  • Portal wireframes

  • Portal design

  • Technology solution evaluation and requirements

  • Functional and technology specifications

Intranet Blueprint encompasses two distinct phases: Assessment and Planning.


Assessment serves two important functions: it documents the needs and requirements of the user population and those of the business and its stakeholders while aligning project goals with corporate goals and objectives. This phase includes a comprehensive intranet evaluation and gap analysis along with business requirements and stakeholder interviews, user reviews, surveys, focus groups, technical infrastructure analysis, and benchmarking against other leading intranets and intranet portals.


Planning incorporates both the strategic vision and the functional plan and maps out the strategic and tactical steps for designing the site or portal. During this phase, the high-level vision, mission, and success factors and measurements are identified. As well, detailed tactical plans are drafted, including the functional plan, high-level information architecture, wireframes and design concepts. This phase also includes the review, evaluation and selection of a portal solution product.

Prescient Digital Media does not use a proprietary technology for building or constructing client intranet sites or intranet portals. We are ‘technology neutral’ which means that we will work with you to identify the appropriate technology solution based on your business requirements, and not "who we know" or based on reselling agreements and commissions. In identifying the best solution for your organization we manage all aspects of the vendor process including the evaluation and selection of the vendor, negotiate technology licenses and fees, project manage the implementation, and even manage and execute ongoing site operations including custom content development and translation services.

The Blueprint

The output of these phases constitutes the Intranet Blueprint for guiding the implementation of the intranet or portal and the underlying governance and technology foundation. The Blueprint contains the map and intranet action plan supported by information gathered throughout the course of the project including user research, benchmarking, wireframes, information architecture, technology recommendations, an implementation roadmap, and design concepts.

Finally, the Blueprint serves as the basis for evolving your site, establishing baseline targets (e.g. user satisfaction, ROI, etc.) for measuring its ongoing and future performance, and achieving its potential and value.

Prescient’s world-class intranet team

Prescient’s experience and knowledge of intranets and portals is unsurpassed by any firm in its class. Our clients include HSBC, Mastercard, Nintendo, Pepsi, Royal Bank (RBC), PNC Bank, Sodexo, Toshiba, WestJet and dozens of others.

    • We are the only known technology consulting firm on the planet that promises to build success measures (critical success indicators) into each and every project.
    • Prescient boasts a full roster of satisfied, world class, Fortune 500 clients.
    • Prescient owns no software or hardware; we are technology neutral. We find the best technology for our clients based on their business requirements (we do not sell or re-sell any cookie-cutter or off-the-shelf solution).
    • Prescient has the most widely spoken roster of expert of any firm in its class with dozens of conference, seminar and webinar events across the globe every year.
    • Prescient has the most published team of experts of any firm in its class with hundreds of published articles to date.
    • We have won more than a dozen awards including a prestigious Webby Award.

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