Intranet Evaluation

How healthy is your intranet or portal?

There are millions of intranets in the World. However, it can be difficult finding out about the leading intranets and their best practices since most intranets are hidden behind firewalls. Prescient has worked with dozens of intranets and have had exposure to dozens more. We have an extensive catalogue of some of the greatest intranets on the planet.

How is your intranet performing? How effective is your intranet or portal in addressing the needs of your clients? How well does your intranet align with your strategic objectives? How does your intranet or portal compare to the competition? Compared to the best?

The Prescient IntranetScore Competitive Assessment & Action Plan is a detailed analysis of your website and the best practices of the leaders and the competition. The IntranetScore analysis of your intranet or portal and your closest competitors includes…

  • Evaluation and ratings – design, layout, content, tools, etc.

  • Business requirements analysis

  • Audience satisfaction and expectations

  • Benchmark case studies and scoring of other leading websites

  • Action plan for improving site content, information architecture and usability

This Assessment & Action Plan will benefit your organization for:

  • Building a business case for planning a site redesign, new services or offerings;

  • Providing your organization’s leadership with measured evidence of your team and site’s success;

  • Benchmarking your intranet or portal against competitors to understand how and where your site should improve; and

  • Preparing for a redesign and understanding how and where to focus your budget and resources.

provides in-depth and actionable intelligence on how to maximize the value of your intranet or portal.

IntranetScore measures the value of your portal from the user’s perspective and includes the delivery of an online survey for directly measuring the expectations and preferences of individual users.

IntranetScore Methodology

Evaluation Criteria

Each target intranet or portal (a minimum of three to four per benchmarking) will be evaluated according to the following six criteria:

  • IA & Usability
  • Planning
  • Tools & Resources
  • Search
  • Content
  • Design & Layout

Task Oriented Interaction

The evaluation will also consist of a thorough dissection and scoring of specific tasks and content categories which could include, for example:

  • Performing a search engine

  • Using an online tool

  • Researching product specifications

  • Finding benefits information


Each category will be ranked on a score of 1-10, as well as given an overall ranking. Summaries of each category will be listed for each site.

Detailed reports will be sent to each client with an in-depth examination of their intranet, summary reviews, and scores of the benchmark comparison sites.


Upon completing a Competitive Assessment & Action Plan, Prescient analysts provide you with a complete report on your website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and barriers to success. The Action Plan will also detail specific recommendations and actions for making your website more effective and competitive while increasing traffic and user satisfaction.

Deliverables include

  • An in-person or teleconference presentation to present the Action Plan and Assessment findings.

  • A PowerPoint presentation (60 – 80 slides) detailing the complete findings and illustrating competitor best practices, including category analysis and strategic recommendations for site improvements.

  • A detailed scoring matrix providing category and subcategory scores and ratings of your intranet and the complete set of benchmark sites.

Frequency — IntranetScore is conducted every six months.

For more information on Prescient's IntranetScore Competitive Assessment & Action Plan please contact us at 416.926.8800 or contact us.