Business strategies for websites

There is a clear business value for websites, not the least of which is to promote your brand, but is your website aligned to your business strategy?

There are four potential Internet Operating Models to be considered when developing a strategic website:

  • eCommerce: Generate revenue through the purchase and sales of products and services online
  • Lead Generation: Generate well-qualified or pre-qualified online leads for future conversions via offline distribution channels
  • Content/Subscription: Provide content for consumer consumption
  • Self-Service/Support: Enable retail self service and support through online interactions and application/tools

Websites may not be limited to just one operating model. In fact, most sites employ a combination of these operating models to provide the most value to their customers.

Prescient helps clients define a strategy so that users complete the desired actions. The current site should be assessed to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Goals and objectives should be set. Personas can be developed to ensure that audiences and their desired actions are taken into account. Then the information architecture and design should be created to get the best results. A marketing plan with search engine optimization activities will provide tactics to getting people to the site.

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