Governance is the structure of people, positions, authorities, roles, responsibilities, relationships, and rules involved in managing an organization’s intranet or website.

The governance structure defines who can make what decisions, who is accountable for which efforts, and how each of the players must work together to manage an intranet or website effectively. How an intranet or website is managed and governed is tantamount to its success.

Prescient helps organizations build sound governance models which establish that the site is supported, embraced and championed by senior management, that it is adequately funded and staffed, well functioning in a stable technical environment and driven by agreed upon standards.

Within a workshop setting, Prescient facilitates discussion on how the intranet or website is to be governed and maintained. Soliciting valuable input and feedback from key stakeholders, Prescient helps clients build a governance model based on best practices that will work for the client. Prescient challenges clients to create standards and policies that will ensure that content is kept up-to-date and a process is in place to maintain agreed upon standards. Given this dramatic shift in business processes and performed tasks, the organization must adapt to accommodate and support this ‘new way’ of working.

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