Prescient Webinars Prove to be a Success

After four sessions, Prescient Digital Media’s 2009 webinar series has proven to be a success, with an audience in the hundreds and positive feedback from participants. The series—which is designed to provide actionable knowledge in key areas of intranet and internet success—is gaining momentum and promises even greater participation for future sessions.

“Our topics are based on input we receive from clients regarding the web issues that matter the most to them,” says Julian Mills, Vice President, Client Development, with Prescient. “We follow up with the participants to get their feedback and are pleased to hear that they’re deriving good value from the webinars.”

Representative comments from participants include:

 “The Personas Webinar was extremely helpful in providing ideas to improve how users currently engage with the intranet by making it more specific to their individual needs.”

“It was very relevant to the types of issues we are dealing with in terms of getting users engaged with our site.”

 “I find all of the information to be very helpful.”

“A wonderful resource that I intend to continue to use in my quest to improve my corporate intranet.”

“Prescient has been very good at presenting on relevant topics.”

Prescient’s next webinar is on May, 28th 2009.  Cathy McKnight Senior Consultant, Prescient Digital Media, and the intranet team from Iron Mountain will present "Delivering a high-performing intranet: The reality in successfully implementing your intranet plan. Case Study with Iron Mountain".