Prescient Records 8000th Download of "Finding ROI: Measuring Intranet Investments"

Toronto, ON (April 7, 2008) – Prescient Digital Media announced today that it recorded the 8000th download of its thought provoking white paper titled Finding ROI: Measuring Intranet Investments, which describes the different approaches companies are taking to measure the return on their intranet investment.

“In today’s tough economic environment all business investments must deliver measurable results and the success of our report clearly shows that intranet investments are no exception, and rightly so,” said Toby Ward, president and chief executive officer of Prescient Digital Media.

As more and more organizations realize the potential benefits of a winning intranet, interest in measuring the return on investment of intranets has greatly increased, as evidenced by the large number of people interested in Prescient’s comprehensive report on the subject. At most organization today, IT budgets are increasingly tied to company-wide business and strategic initiatives – initiatives that must clearly show a return on investment.

While measuring the precise value of an intranet is an imperfect science involving benefits that are not easily quantified such as enhanced communications and collaboration among employees, an organization that does not measure the value of their intranet risks having a site that fails the needs and demands of both employees and management.

Added Ward: “Regularly measuring the ROI of an intranet is important not only in terms of helping to secure executive support and funding but also to ensure that the site actually meets needs and objectives of the organization and its employees.”

Prescient’s white paper, Finding ROI: Measuring Intranet Investments, is a comprehensive report that provides an overview of the potential benefits of a well-executed intranet and strategies to measure the return on intranet and corporate portal investment. The report contains data from Prescient’s own research and experience, as well as industry information on best practices, and cases studies.

Finding ROI: Measuring Intranet Investments is available for download on Prescient’s website.

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