Webvalu© is Prescient’s strategy for ongoing web success. Our Internet consultants apply our rigorous evaluation and benchmarking methodology to each website to measure and document its performance relative to business goals and expectations, best practices, and the competition. Using the evaluation and benchmarking as a foundation, Prescient develops a three to six-month action plan of specific recommendations for maximizing your potential web value.

Like any critical business system, your websites must be delivering measurable performance and remain accountable to the investment. If you are not measuring your sites value, then you risk failing the needs and demands of customers, employees and management.

Webvalu includes the following mission-critical tasks:

  • Evaluation

    – Your site is measured according to our thorough six-point evaluation methodology.

  • Requirements Analysis

    – Appraising the extent to which your site is meeting specific business requirements and targeting audience needs.

  • Benchmarking

    – Your site evaluation is measured against other leading practitioners, industry best practices, and wherever possible, the competition.

  • Strategy

    – Key learnings and best practices are analyzed together to develop a strategic business case (ROI) and an action plan with specific recommendations for the planned evolution of your site.

  • Ongoing Consultation

    - Included in the service is ongoing, annual consultation that provides the client with a Prescient advisor throughout the year for regular meetings, brainstorming sessions or analysis.

The Nexus of Web Success

Once planned, executed and launched, an Internet, intranet or extranet site cannot rest on its laurels. The pace of technology, customer and employee demands, and competitive pressure demand that your websites achieve and beat expectations and continually show incremental improvement. Failure to develop an integrated plan can ensure failure and, with it, a loss of significant time, money, and effort.

The rigor and execution to build and maintain a successful Internet, intranet or extranet site can be substantial – from governance to content management, and from technology to business processes. At the heart of a successful site is the strength of the underlying plan. Our model for success is called the Nexus of Web Success which addresses and incorporates all elements of an optimal website including user research, marketing, design, and planning.

The Nexus for Web Success is the first step in achieving your online goals.  Webvalu reviews and builds on that success to map out an ongoing strategy and action plan for the future.

For more information on our Webvalu© service or our other consulting services, please contact us.