The Assessment Phase is vital to building a successful and measurable intranet or website.

The Assessment Phase is the opportunity to collect and analyze business requirements and user or employee needs. Qualitative and quantitative data provides the necessary building blocks for creating a site that provides users with what they want and need while achieving goals for the organization.

Prescient’s experience is that before undertaking any redevelopment project, regardless of its size, an assessment is necessary to identify needs, requirements, and barriers.  Prescient’s methodology begins with an assessment which documents the needs and requirements of the users and stakeholders. This initial stage in our methodology also allows us to identify any underlying issues so that they may be addressed.

The Assessment Phase includes:

  • Current state evaluation
  • Business requirements interviews
  • User surveys
  • User focus groups
  • Review of existing research (surveys, etc.)
  • Benchmarking (best practices)
  • Usability testing

Prescient provides expertise and best practices, and a detailed analysis with dozens of recommendations to improve the intranet or website in a comprehensive Key Findings and Recommendations Report.

While clients know that they may have a problem with their intranet or website, or may be just starting and don’t know where to begin, Prescient’s detailed assessment and recommendations provide a solid foundation in which to begin a successful intranet or website project.

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