Webinar: Your Intranet Search Sucks




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30-minute webinar dedicated to fixing intranet search

It's almost unanimously the top employee complaint about the intranet: the search engine sucks!

But does it? More often than not, the search technology is not the biggest problem. Specifically, the biggest problem is a content; inconsistent content, outdated content or just plain bad or redundant content - created by people that aren't following governance rules.

This webinar, part of Prescient Digital Media's monthly intranet webinar series, and hosted by Founder Toby Ward, and Managing Partner, Michael Rudnick, features key advice, best practices, and showcases leading intranet examples. Learn the principles of intranet search, and the content and governance requirements to make the search engine's job a lot easier in returning relevant results to employee queries. As well, learn some of the tips and tricks for improving the search technology itself.