Webinar: The Great Intranets

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What separates the great intranets from the rest? Join us for a webinar on October 15th, 2014 for a complimentary webinar with Toby Ward. Get a detailed look at some of the world’s best intranets including Cisco, IBM, BT, and DIRECTV.

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This webinar has been developed for all intranet professionals, including communications, marketing, HR, IT and designers.

Topics Covered:

•Strategies for turning a good intranet into a great intranet, supported with concrete examples
• Key lessons and universal truths about the best-of-the-best corporate intranets that you can learn from and apply to your own intranet
•Quick wins for improving the user experience of your corporate intranet

Speaker Toby Ward:

CEO of Prescient Digital Media and Founder and Chair of the Intranet Global Forum, Toby is one of the World’s most widely-seen intranet speakers, and read intranet writers, with dozens of leading clients including Harvard, HSBC, Nintendo, Pepsi, Sodexo, and many more.