The Emergence of the Social Intranet

Join intranet expert Toby Ward, Prescient Digital Media, and social software leader Dan Latendre, IGLOO Software, in this educational webinar as they walk you through the definition, prevalence and importance of social intranets, supported by recent statistics and case studies.

  • Online webinar, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET

In many ways, corporate information sharing has failed to live up to our expectations. But there is cause for hope.

Social technologies are redefining what's possible for the corporate intranet. Combining traditional intranet features with innovative social capabilities, this much maligned application is quickly evolving to incorporate new and innovative ways to share content, collaborate around projects and connect with colleagues. Where past concepts have failed, intranet 2.0 will succeed.

During this 60-minute webinar, based in part on Prescient's

Social Intranet whitepaper

, discover:

May webinar screenshot

  • The business drivers for social intranets
  • Where your intranet stands in relation to others in the industry
  • What key metrics are critical for planning, deploying & evaluating a 2.0 intranet solution

  • Why you should attend:

  • Social intranets are crucial to securing and engaging the younger generation of employees entering your workforce
  • Limited accessibility to your intranet 2.0 tools may be preventing your intranet from becoming a "social intranet"
  • Preview the preliminary results of the 2010 Intranet 2.0 Global Study
  • Learn what tools you can incorporate on your intranet (usually at a small price)

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Toby Ward - Bio Page Image

Toby Ward, Prescient Digital Media - The founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, Toby is a senior Internet and intranet consultant with particular expertise in the area of Internet and intranet planning and communications. A specialist in web and intranet planning and measurement, Toby has led his company to many awards in recent years including an illustrious Webby Award.

A frequent speaker and writer, Toby has contributed to two books and has a third in the works. He speaks at many conferences across the globe and has worked with many big name clients spanning many different industries. More >>

Dan from igloo

Dan Latendre, CEO, IGLOO Software - Dan has been a technology innovator for the past 20 years working with such pioneering companies as MKS, Delrina and Open Text Corporation. He has always taken an entrepreneurial and visionary approach to business and has played significant roles in the development and marketing of numerous leading edge internet-based technologies and applications.

The web is his passion. In 1993, Dan and his team at MKS developed one of the first wireless internet access packages called Internet Anywhere in partnership with Research in Motion (RIM). More >>