Taking Aim: Strategies for Selling Social Media to Target Audiences in Your Organization


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As a communicator, you know that social media can bring real value to your organization...but how do you convince your colleagues? HR, IT, Finance, Legal, etc. all have their own opinions of social media and what it brings to the table: for some it's a liability, for others it's an expense. For a few enlightened ones, it's a tool that can radically improve the way your organization works collaboratively.

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Convincing your colleagues of the latter is no easy task, and unless you can show them how social media impacts their job directly, your words will probably fall on deaf ears. Employees need to be educated, sold, and cajoled to use these tools, but it has to be on their own terms, and in a way that puts the benefits of social media in the foreground.

The key to getting your colleagues to adopt social media is to discuss it within the context of their department's responsibilities, challenges, resources, demographic and familiarity with social media. For example, showing that social media can increase employee retention may resonate loudly with HR, but fizzle with Finance. Knowing what excites, interests (and scares) different user groups and using this knowledge to communicate with them in ways they can relate to is half the battle. The other half is having the data, statistics and case studies to back you up.

This webinar has been specially crafted to provide you with the information you'll need to present the benefits of social media in a way that makes sense to stakeholders. The webinar will be presented by two industry-leading pros with extensive experience communicating the value of social media to different user groups. Toby Ward, President and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, brings 15 years of intranet experience and is considered a thought-leader on intranet 2.0 tools. Shel Holtz is a veteran communications professional of 30+ years with an unprecedented array of employee communications experience and expertise.The complementary experiences and skill-sets of these presenters will ensure a unique perspective into strategies for selling social media internally that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Additional discussion topics will include:

  • How exactly engaged employees contribute to your business.

  • How to determine the best mix of communications tools to meet the needs of different employees (e.g. which medium for which message).

  • Overcoming the challenges of using social media in multinational organizations.

  • Different social media platforms for different environments.

  • Case studies examples from leading companies.

This webinar is for you if you're:

  • Looking for strategies, tips and relevant data to talk to specific groups within your organizations about social media.

  • Tired of the lack of emphatic "hoorays" from your colleagues after your last announcement to launch or improve social media in your organization.

  • Trying to boil the ocean and reach everybody, but end up appealing to no-one.

  • Trying to avoid the pitfalls of interdepartmental politics.

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Toby Ward

Shel Holtz

Toby Ward, CEO - The founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, Toby is a senior Internet and intranet consultant with particular expertise in the area of Internet and intranet planning and communications. A specialist in web and intranet planning and measurement, Toby has led his company to many awards in recent years including an illustrious Webby Award.

Shel Holtz, ABC - Shel Holtz, ABC (Accredited Business Communicator), is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology. Shel has more than 30 years of organizational communications experience in both corporate and consulting environments. Shel is a five-time winner of IABC's Gold Quill award and was named IABC/Los Angeles's Communicator of the Year in 1988.