Strategic Employee Communication Management Summit


Westin River North, Chicago, IL

Julian Mills, VP of Client Development for Prescient, will be a guest speaker in this two day workshop aimed at Marketing and Communications professionals looking for new ways to communicate with employees.

March 11, 2010  — Workshop I: Strategic Employee Communication Planning, Implementation and Measurement: Overcoming Obstacles With an Employee-centric Approach

March 12, 2010  — Workshop II: Employee Communication and Social Media Management: Optimizing Your Instantaneous Communication

Topics to be Addressed March 11, 2010

Layoffs, downsizing, mergers, and the down economy have profoundly reshaped organizational behavior, workplace effectiveness, employee trust and loyalty. To succeed and overcome major obstacles you need to rethink how you communicate to employees. During this important summit, we will cover the changing landscape of strategic employee communication. During the first day of the summit top employee communication executives reveal new ways to:

    * Develop your strategic employee communication strategy
    * Realize a new vision for employee communication
    * Improving communication management through measurement
    * Communicate within the changing workplace
    * Achieve business agility and productivity
    * Adapt to emerging trends in the new communication paradigm

We will also have Working Group Activities: Overcoming Communication Obstacles in the Workplace.

Topics to be Addressed March 12, 2010

Today’s workers, especially knowledge workers, show increasing flexibility in where they work and when. In many companies, virtual teams are regularly assembled from people located in different parts of the country, or even the world. With new collaboration methods, geographic distance between team members are now becoming irrelevant as is the traditional “9 to 5” workday. These changes are fueled by technology developments enabling new ways of communication between people. During the second day of the summit, senior employee communication and social media experts give you valuable insights into:

    * Unlocking the value of employee communication using social media
    * Aligning and collaborating with employees in a changing workplace
    * Monitoring employee communication on the Internet
    * Supporting new initiatives through social media
    * Shaping perceptions through dialogue and conversations
    * Measuring your social media efforts

We will also, have Working Group Activities: Creating and Managing Your Social Media Strategy.

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