SharePoint & Social Media in the Workplace


web seminar, 9 a.m. PT

Prescient's president and CEO Toby Ward will present a web seminar entitled "SharePoint & Social Media in the Workplace" on May 11th as part of IABC's 2011 web seminar series.

The social media phenomenon has gathered a significant amount of momentum over the last few years. More than 80% of medium-to-large organizations have implemented, or are testing, at least one intranet 2.0 tool. Microsoft SharePoint is nearly as popular, and is attempting to takeover and rework the corporate intranet.

Join this interactive workshop and understand how SharePoint and other social media tool are transforming corporate intranet and corporate communications into collaborative workplaces.

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  • Understand what is, and what isn’t being done, and what tools are being used in organizations of all sizes

  • Review case study examples of blogs, wikis and other social media tools from IBM, Cisco, Sony, Siemens, and others

  • Gain knowledge from lessons learned and get key recommendations for undertaking your own SharePoint or social media initiative

  • Dispel the confusion and discover the exciting promises as well as the challenges of using social media.

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Toby Ward - The founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, Toby is a senior Internet and intranet consultant with particular expertise in the area of Internet and intranet planning and communications. A specialist in web and intranet planning and measurement, Toby has led his company to many awards in recent years including an illustrious Webby Award and a Gold Quill. He is writer and frequent speaker, and among his many clients are Harvard, HSBC, Pepsi, USAA and dozens of others.