CMS Connected: EPiServer vs. Elcom


Online webinar

Sweden's top Web CMS platform EPiServer will go head-to-head against Australia's own Web CMS powerhouse Elcom in this lively and interactive 60-minute webinar.

CMS Connected

During the webinar, CMS Connected host Veronica Cooper will be asking the CMS vendor guests a series of questions about their products and allowing each vendor a one-minute debate style response time. Then the attending webinar audience has the opportunity to ask the vendor guests a few ‘no holds barred’ questions of their own.

In addition, Gary Eisenstein from Falcon-Software and Toby Ward from Prescient Digital Media will also be available on Twitter during the webinar to respond to your tweets, making CMS Connected one of the most vibrant and interactive webinar events you will ever experience.

What You'll Learn
The webinar will cover various topics such as:

  • How the two CMS products work.

  • How to edit content and create new pages.

  • How to manage the system and document workflow.

  • How to implement your own designs.

  • What modules are included and how to use them.

  • Licensing structures and options.

  • On-going maintenance support and upgrades.

  • And much more!

Who Should Attend
The CMS Connected Webinar Series focuses on the needs and requirements of anyone looking to purchase a web content management system (CMS) in the near future and is a great way for IT professionals, site administrators or end-users looking to explore a .NET solution from EPiServer or Elcom, and get your questions answered.

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