2018 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum


Coca-Cola World HQ, Atlanta, USA


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The 2018 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum is the 10th Annual conference, North America’s leading dedicated conference on the digital workplace, with a specialized focus on the design, governance and management of enterprise intranets and social intranets.

The Need

The corporate intranet, long neglected and underfunded, has bounded forward several evolutionary leaps in the past two years. In particular, social media and SharePoint are dominating most intranet agendas, or considerations for the future. Many organizations, however, still suffer from sub-par intranets with poor funding, governance, and continual problems regarding content, search, and information architecture.

The Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum provides intranet executives and managers in communications, IT and HR with all the tools they need to understand the recent changes, and the fundamental skills for designing, deploying and governing a new era intranet.


The Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum is ideal for executives and managers that are involved in a new intranet launch, redesign, or technology shift, and for those that manage technical, business and content components of a corporate intranet or portal.

Case Study Presentations

The conference will feature world-class case study presentations from Microsoft, Coca-Cola, ConocoPhillips, Wells Fargo, Liberty Mutual, Genuine Parts Company, Lockheed Martin, Capital Power and more.

Ticket Prices

Day 1 & 2 - (May 9 - 10) $990 USD 
Day 1 only - (May 9 $670 USD 
Day 2 only - (May 10) $470 USD 

Attendees will receive an in-depth tour of the Coca-Cola digital workplace, with case studies and workshops from a dozen other speakers and organizations.

For more information and to register visit the digital workplace conference website.