5 Tips for a Truly Social Business

Signs of social business are readily found on the internet today. But when considering social business inside the enterprise, the evidence isn’t always as clear.

A social business (referring to the common definition associated with enterprise technology, akin to enterprise 2.0, and not to be confused with the similar label used to describe socially “conscious” and community minded organizations) is one that actively uses and weaves social media technology into many or most aspects of content consumption by the target audience — outside and inside the business.

Consumer generated content (CGC) and enterprise 2.0 are older, less fashionable labels synonymous with “social business,” but no longer as commonly employed by the tech pundits and self-described social media gurus.

Internally, employee focused social business is often a greater curiosity and focus for corporate research by communicators and IT professionals, often because it’s not easily learned, dissected and viewed on the public Internet.

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