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Empowered Users Pose Challenges for Organizations Too
by Michael Marchionda - The arrival of the internet forced organizations to rethink their business models to remain competitive in a changing marketplace. With the proliferation of social media, we are again seeing how new technology is forcing organizations to rethink their business models.
Employee intranet blogs wanted
By Toby Ward - If a tree falls in the forest will anyone blog about it? Do blogs beget blog postings? As too many organizations are discovering the hard way, employees don't want to blog. Approximately 1-2% of employees are interested in blogging (today), but most don't have any desire to pick up the proverbial pen.
Social communications: Delivering winning internal communications programs with the social intranet
It's an exciting time for internal communications professionals. The convergence of demographic shifts within the workplace, a growing percentage of knowledge workers, and low-cost communication technology creates ideal conditions for communicators to add value to their business by adapting their knowledge and creativity to unleash the power of the social intranet.
The Social Intranet
by Toby Ward - The original intranet, intranet 1.0, typically began as nothing more than a technology outpost under some techie's desk in the corporate basement. The first version of this intranet was nothing more than a welcome page, perhaps a name and a phone number, and a simple welcome message.
Social media is changing your business: are you listening?
The hype around social media can obscure two key points: the complexity lies in adapting your business, not in the technology; and leaders that listen have a massive advantage in the new business environment created by Intranet 2.0.
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Social business begins with employees
“A Social Business embraces networks of (engaged) people to create business value,” states IBM’s definition of a social business.