PNC Financial Services Group is the fifth largest bank in the United States with 50,000 employees, operating from 2500 offices in 19 states, and annual revenue of more than US$16 billion.

PNC Financial recognizes the need to continually improve the performance of its intranet, particularly with a changing workforce and industry. PNC engaged Prescient to redesign its intranet and to develop a measurable intranet strategy that aligns with its corporate objectives. The chief requirement of the project was a new, engaging user experience design supported by a thorough governance model. This intranet redevelopment project was born out of several organizational challenges:

    • The intranet was eight years old and dated in terms of overall functionality and usability.
    • It had a very large and complex intranet which consisted of over 30 databases, some with over 100,000 documents.
    • No real enterprise governance.


Prescient undertook an extensive assessment-discovery phase to better understand and map requirements to the end user experience design:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment and gap analysis of the current intranet, with strategies to improve navigation, design, content governance, etc.
  • Gather and analyze business requirements from key stakeholders and executives.
  • Strategize the means to reorganize the intranet as a central repository of timely and relevant information.
  • Restructure the site’s information architecture in an effort to group content according to how PNC users look for information.
  • Accommodate a wider range of online services and functionality immediately, allowing future scalability.
  • Improve internal governance and management the intranet.
  • Benchmark and analyze leading intranets in the financial industry for best practices and tactics.

Prescient completed a comprehensive assessment phase, incorporating user and business requirements into the Planning phase deliverables. At a high-level the project consisted of:

  • The development of a measurable, consensus-based strategic plan.
  • A user-defined information architecture developed through card sorting, intranet usability best practices and usability testing.
  • A brand new user experience with a modern, engaging interface that supported the PNC brand.
  • A detailed governance model to ensure the intranet would be managed effectively.


The client was very satisfied with the outcome, and so too were users. PNC rated the intranet project highly with a score of more than 90% and the client deliverables from Prescient at 95%. 

 Prescient Digital Media's Design Concept for PNC Financial Services

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