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AIMS Canada asks Toby Ward about mainstream marketing

AIMS Discussion List June 8, 2005 -- Issue 604


 AIMS Canada

The growth of RSS feeds, blogs, viral marketing, custom media, and paid search has reached a point where they are no longer novelties, but requisite tools of the media industry.
A room full of marketers gathered recently in Toronto at our Word of Mouth Marketing Breakfast Seminar, as a follow up, we asked Toby Ward, Prescient Digital Media a few questions...
Q: What is the biggest thing that marketers need to do to effectively use online marketing in their overall campaigns?
A: Know your target audience. Whether through surveys, interviews, focus groups, usability testing, log analysis, etc., it's critical to understand your users and readers and to tailor your marketing in such a way that it resonates with their own personal opinions, preferences, and buying or reading patterns.
Q: Who's using online viral marketing 'right' in Canada? In the US?
A: In Canada, both iTunes and have done well with buzz marketing. Outside Canada, Curves, Microsoft (for Halo 2), and (Virtual Bartender) have all done good work and generated great 'buzz'.
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