Intranet 2.0

Intranet 2.0 was once cool and nice to have. Now, it’s no longer an option. Social is a must-have. Social media tools are becoming a point of differentiation and competitive advantage as organizations learn to use the new technology to engage employees in cost effective and innovative ways.

Prescient Digital Media lives and breaths social media – we use and have implemented:

  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Social bookmarking
  • Discussion Forums
  • User Comments
  • User Ratings
  • Video / Vlogs / YouTube Channels
  • Podcasts
  • Social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups, Yammer)

The tremendous momentum built by Intranet 2.0 has resulted in an explosion of social solutions, challenging organizations to sift through their options to find the best fit technology for their requirements (see our landmark study and white paper The Social Intranet Study Report). Compounding the difficulty of how to utilize the new tools is that consumers are adopting social media faster than companies have deployed them for business applications – forcing Communications, Marketing and IT departments to play catch up.

The net result is that many organizations know that they must adopt social tools, and know that the solutions they require are out there, but they don’t know how to acquire and implement the best fit solutions for their needs, and within a defined budget.


The Solution

Based on our early adopter knowledge of Intranet 2.0, a technology-neutral approach to defining business requirements and a proven methodology for aligning online collaboration needs with organizational goals, Prescient has developed a customizable

The Intranet 2.0 Blueprint.

While the specific scope of the project will vary based on the client’s unique requirements and budget, common deliverables in Prescient’s Intranet 2.0 Blueprint include:


  • Business requirements analysis – we will interview, gather and analyze feedback from key leaders, stakeholders, and end-users to understand the current needs and opportunities for improvement – and exactly how Web 2.0 tools can be used to improve your business.
  • Intranet 2.0 plan – Prescient will develop a detailed plan that documents the organization’s need, the intended benefits, the specific strategic directives, suggested technology, and the types of tools (blogs, wikis, RSS, etc.) and functionality required.
  • Intranet 2.0 content plan and policies – we will define the roles and responsibilities of content developers, the dos and don’ts, and recommendations and tips for both Web 2.0 content owners and managers.
  • Intranet 2.0 implementation – Prescient will work with your internal IT department to implement 2-3 social media tools (e.g. 1 blog and 2 wikis with several options, features and content focuses) depending on the requirements analysis and subsequent plan, and the RSS technology used to drive posted content to end users.

For more information on our The Intranet 2.0 Blueprint service or our other consulting services please contact us directly or phone our main office at 416.926.8800.

The Intranet 2.0 study report: 

The Social Intranet White Paper:

The Social Intranet: Social Intranet Success Matrix (free white paper)

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