Webinar: Taking advantage of social within your organization

Prescient Digital Media invites you to a special webinar on March 27, 2012 presented alongside web-technology provider Elcom.

Would you like to take advantage of the "social" phenomenon on your intranet? Are you looking for ideas and best-practice tips to ensure success?

This complimentary webinar will provide you with insight into:

  • The trends developing in social intranets.
  • How people, process and technology work together to create a social intranet.
  • The importance of gathering business requirements.
  • Best-practice & tips for success.
  • Current technology available and points to consider when selecting a solution.

The session will be presented by Carmine Porco, Vice President and General Manager of Prescient Digital Media, and Josh Anstey, VP Partner Engagement of Elcom.

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Carmine PorcoCarmine Porco, General Manager and Vice President - Carmine has over 20 years of experience in the areas of Internet consulting, IT management, and software development. His strengths include employee self-service, content management, e-learning, customer care and Internet commerce primarily in the financial, government, health, energy and retail sectors.

As Elcom's VP of Partner Engagement, Josh Anstey is responsible for running Elcom's North American operations; and for developing and managing Elcom's partner network in the region. With years of experience within the IT sector, Josh is dedicated to working closely with partners and end-user clients to deliver successful projects that achieve business objectives.

About Prescient Digital Media

Prescient Digital Media is a technology-neutral, veteran web and intranet consulting firm with 10 years of rich history. We provide strategic Internet and intranet consulting, planning and communications services to many Fortune 500 and big brand clients, as well as small and medium-size leaders. Our clients include many Fortune 500s and big brand names such as Harvard, HSBC, Pepsi, MasterCard, Nintendo, Sony, Toshiba, USAA, and more than 150 others.

About Elcom

Elcom is a global provider of enterprise web content management technology. Our flagship product, elcomCMS is a modular .NET enterprise WCM platform that has been specially designed to assist mid-market organizations with achieving their online objectives for corporate websites, intranets, learning management, mobile web, social, online marketing and eCommerce.