Social communications: Delivering winning internal communications programs with Intranet 2.0


Online webinar, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Today's internal communications professionals are challenged to solve a growing range of issues, from engaging a new generation of employees to delivering a consistent message for a dispersed workforce to understanding an ever-proliferating range of technology options for managing communications. Fundamentally, they and the organizations they support are exploring a world defined by social media, in which success requires participating in the conversation rather than issuing commands.

Results from leading organizations demonstrate that communications professionals who solve these challenges effectively have an opportunity to add significant value by delivering important business performance: improving recruitment and retention, for example, or enabling the cultural transformation required to become a more collaborative, innovative enterprise, one that engages its employees in meaningful dialogue and motivates them to participate in corporate success.

The next webinar in Prescient's popular monthly series will feature Insidedge, the leading agency specializing in internal communications. Insidedge will provide insight on how the right mix of social media tools can improve employee engagement when they're used strategically. Prescient will then share real world case studies of organizations who have delivered these strategies using Intranet 2.0 technology, and present a methodology for planning and measuring for social communication success.

This actionable 60-minute seminar has been developed for internal communications professionals, and the IT team with whom they collaborate, to deliver an understanding for:

• The business drivers for intranet 2.0
• A framework for evaluating best fit social media technologies
• How technology can help or hinder employee engagement
• Using storytelling in the digital age
• Key metrics for planning and evaluating success

David Duschene, Executive Vice President, Insidedge
Julian Mills, Vice President of Client Development, Prescient Digital Media


Prescient Digital Media

Prescient Digital Media is a recognized thought leader on all issues relating to the intranet. Its consultants present frequently at events across North America and IntranetBlog, written by company President Toby Ward, reaches thousands of readers every day. Prescient constantly applies its knowledge by assisting organizations including CA, RBC, PNC Financial, PepsiCo, Kao Brands, HSBC, IronMountain and the Ontario Real Estate Corporation to maximize their intranet performance.


The Insidedge team believes that employee communications success comes when organizations translate complex business strategies and information into language employees can understand and act upon. Our team marries the precision of research, the rigor of management consulting and the discipline of PR and marketing to develop programs that motivate employee performance. Because we strive to listen to and understand employees through research, we are able to develop strategies that work - because they are based on what employees want and need from their employers. Founded in 1999, Insidedge has offices in New York, London, Chicago and Dallas.