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Our senior Internet and intranet consultants are recognized knowledge leaders and are often called on to share their knowledge at speaking engagements, including dozens of conference, seminar and webinar events across the globe every year.

To have one of our senior consultants speak at your next event, please contact us.


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Prescient Digital presents and offers training in a diverse range of topics concerning intranets, the Internet and e-business. We will customize training to meet your needs.

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Prescient has a vast amount of experience and expertise speaking at events.

Prescient consultants can speak on a variety of topics. Please view our Speaking Topics for just some of the topics we are capable of presenting on. If you'd like to book a speaker or find out more, please contact us.

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Speaking Topics

Prescient Digital Media is committed to providing learning opportunities to foster a better understanding for anyone working with intranets or external websites. We can customize presentations and training to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Our topics include:

  • The best of intranets and blogs
  • Top-five traits of a winning intranet: How to get them on your intranet
  • Internet communication planning: Improving service and communications
  • Leveraging technology to grow your business



  • Federated Press: We thank you for being a model Program Leader and presenter for delivering interesting and informative presentations on complex topics.

  • SummersDIRECT Inc. : Delegate feedback has been fantastic and would gladly recommend Prescient as a speaker.

  • Dysart and Jones: Our attendees repeatedly comment on the wonderful method you use to demonstrate relevant case studies


  • Social Intranet Success Matrix
    See the key steps organizations need to take in order to create a successful social intranet strategy.
  • Good to Great Intranet Matrix
    Identify and explore the key ingredients in the creation of a winning intranet.
  • Social Media Checklist
    Discover its potential for your organization and receive helpful tips for managing your online reputation with our newly updated Social Media Checklist.