Home page

This document describes how the home page is generated.
The content structure of the home page is rendered by a page template named homepage. This page template calls a collection of page documents in homeblock (home_boxes_mgmt) folder and displays the content of those documents in the corresponding boxes on the home page, except:
  • Testimonials: the box calls the flash file Testimonials (testimonials.swf).
  • Events: the content is automatically rendered through another page template ZMI/{site root}/portal_skins/custom/eventsbox_home, where the maximum number of upcoming events is defined.

To access homepage page template, go to ZMI -> plone site root -> homepage. However, it does require some knowledge of HTML and Zope Page Template to maintain the page.

The background of the banner description, boxes' header and boxes body are defined in a style sheet ZMI/{site root}/portal_skins/custom/ploneCustom.css. In the style sheet, find "/* homepage table boxes */" section. The actual image files are stored in images/banner_jpeg, images/info_jpeg and images/info_2_jpeg folders.

Remove navigation porlet

go to ZMI -> plone site root -> homepage, and select properties tab. Add a left_slots property and let its value be empty.

Remove print icon

Modification is done in page template ZMI/{site root}/portal_skins/custom/document_actions, where it outputs depending on the current page is the homepage or else.