Events and News folders in navigation

Events smart folder and News smart folder cannot contain actual event or news items, so we have to create other regular folders to organize those items. By doing so, however, giving the users another view of the regular folder when they click on an event item or a news item... that is, 2 Events foler (one smart folder and one regular folder) will appear in the navigation portlet.

To fix this (use Events folder as an example), we created only a regular Events folder in site root, moved the Events smart folder in to the Events folder, and went to ZMI/{site root}/portal_properties/navtree_properties:

  • add 'Events' to the list of metaTypesNotToList
  • uncheck showAllParents
While in ZMI, go to {site root}/events/events (the second 'events' is the smart folder) and move the previous folder (a sub-smart folder of events smart folder) one level up to the regular events folder. After doing so, Previous smart folder is no longer under Events smart folder, but it will behave the same to render past event items.

Similar steps were done to News folder.