SharePoint 2013 for the Social Intranet

Read this article to learn about the pros and cons of SharePoint 2013 and how it has worked for our intranet at Prescient.

SharePoint is present in 80% of the Fortune 100; and plays a prominent intranet role in about 70% of knowledge worker intranets (either powering the main intranet portal, or delivering associated collaboration sites and/or document repositories). This in spite of its history.

SharePoint 2007 was a poor, often frustrating solution; SharePoint 2010 was a step on the right track towards a better and scalable platform; but the latest, SharePoint 2013 represents a considerable improvement compared to its earlier predecessors.Social intranet at Prescient Digital Media using SharePoint 2013.

Prescient Digital Media Social Intranet

Social intranet at Prescient Digital Media using SharePoint 2013

It’s not all good news, and it’s not a solution that fits every organization, but it does make sense as an enterprise intranet or enterprise content management platform in a small to medium size organization (for larger organizations it may be worthwhile but it can be expensive, depending on licensing discounts and the depth of an organization’s relationship with Microsoft (think existing licensing of Windows, MS-Office, etc.). with a .NET development and Microsoft Office environment, and few legacy technologies or applications that require integration or consideration.

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