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CA is one of the world's largest IT management software providers. Their software and expertise unify and simplify complex IT environments – in a secure way – across enterprises for greater business results. Founded in 1976, CA is a global company with headquarters in the United States and 150 offices in more than 45 countries. CA serves more than 99% of Fortune 1000® companies.


CA needed to create a unified intranet experience where employees around the world can easily find what they need.

As an IT industry leader, it is only logical that the company’s intranet site reflect this position. Due to technical and administrative restraints, CA’s intranet currently exists in different formats and presentations around the world. And while the home page and many of the main section landing pages have received a face lift in their look and feel in the past 12 months, once users are beyond the first levels of navigation their experience changed drastically.

There were a number of elements missing from the intranet; interactivity, multi-media, and collaboration. These elements, combined with the Knowledge Management team’s implementation of SharePoint across the enterprise as their KM tool, has the potential of turning the resource into a strong business tool that would more significantly contribute to CA’s overall business success.

CA Intranet’s primary challenges

  • A varying navigation structure presentation; left, horizontal, none. The site needed to provide an
    intuitive navigation that will enable employees to find key information within a few clicks.
  • Inconsistent design. While vastly improved on some levels, the tool does not reflect CA’s market-leading position.
  • No content management system (CMS). Without a robust platform employees could not effectively interact or share their vast knowledge.

A more effective intranet would support initiatives that advance the business’ goals and strategies, including cross-selling, knowledge-sharing across geographic regions and time zones, as well as being able to effectively introducing new offerings around the world.


Prescient worked with CA to align findings from the assessment phase with other related projects to implement a new intranet that offers employees what they need to be more effective and efficient.

Engaged at the outset for the assessment and planning phase, CA subsequently hired Prescient on to execute the evaluation and selection process for securing a new CMS solution for their intranet.

Engagement Summary

Phase 1

  • Intranet Evaluation – using Prescient’s six-point methodology, the CA intranet was evaluated and scored in areas such as usability, planning and layout.
  • Benchmarking – CA’s intranet against two other recognized world and industry leading intranets.
  • Requirement Interviews – an analysis of the content requirements and priorities included one-on-one and group interviews of communications stakeholders
  • Focus Groups – provided direct input on intranet related views and needs from across the CA employee landscape.
  • Strategic Plan – through executing an in depth S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and strategy based discussions objects, goals and key directives for the CA intranet were developed.
  • Governance – using the business requirements analysis and the strategic directives an intranet governance model was created.
  • Content Management & Functional Plans – to guide the site’s functionality and content at launch and beyond.

Phase 2

  • Technical environment and needs analysis.
  • CMS Solution selection process including building RFP, vendor selection, RFP management, response evaluation, vendor shortlist recommendation and contract oversight.


Prescient helped CA create a roadmap with the necessary element to create an engaging, globally accessed intranet site.

This two-phased project resulted in an internal transfer of intranet ownership within CA from the Marketing group to the Corporate Communications team.  The new CA intranet is set for launch in late 2008.

The new global site will be built on a robust, user friendly CMS, and will provide employees with an enriched online environment through which they can access and share, in real time, information and resources that will support the maintenance of the current position as the world leader in professional.