Issues you may have

Your intranet site sucks, you can't find anything, information is old, it's boring; no one can find your website; IT has told you you're using SharePoint; what do you do with social media?; you don't know what to do next...

There is a lot happening online and it's hard to keep up. Prescient Digital Media is here to help you create efficient and effective intranets that engage employees and effective, results-oriented websites. Read through this issue section  and be comforted in knowing you're not alone. Then ease your mind by looking at the Solutions section and Our Expertise. And when you're ready, contact us.

About Prescient

Prescient Digital Media...We assess, plan, design and build world-class intranets and digital workplaces. We are recognized, world-class leaders and experts in intranets, and have been for 16 years, with 200+ clients and dozens of Fortune 500 and big brand leaders


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