Kupu Editor

Some settings are done to the editor for editing document/pages
The settings generally can be found at Site setup -> Kupu visual editor. The following changes have been done:
  • add 'Standard' paragraph style: done with 'Paragraph Style' property in 'Config' tab
  • delete duplicate library items: kupu editor somehow keeps increment the list of internal link library items everytime we export/import Plone site. One way to remove these duplicates is to check and delete those undesired items from 'Libraries' tab. For convenience at the development stage, we also write a small script to maintain the link, which can be run from maintain_linking.
  • add LandingPage content type as a linkable: when installing LandingPage product, the linkable configuration will be added automatically. However again, everytime we export/import Plone site, this setting will not get carried over to the new import site. One way to add it is to add 'LandingPage' to linkable list from 'Resource types' tab.
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