Management Team

TOBY WARD, President & CEO

The founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, Toby is a senior Internet and intranet consultant with particular expertise in the area of Internet and intranet planning and communications. A specialist in web and intranet planning and measurement, Toby has led his company to many awards in recent years including an illustrious Webby Award. A frequent speaker and writer, Toby has contributed to two books and has a third in the works. He speaks at many conferences across the globe and has worked with many big name clients spanning many different industries, including Boston Scientific, Harvard, MasterCard, Nintendo, Pepsi, USAA and more.

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CHRIS CHAMBERS, Vice President, Client Development

Mr. Chambers has been a Sales & Marketing Executive and Business Development Consultant for over 25 years. He has specific experience developing and executing strategies, guiding organizations to improve their business operations. He has held senior management positions at both large and small corporations helping reengineer or reinvigorate operations and providing expertise on a variety of enterprise infrastructure challenges.

About Prescient

Prescient Digital Media...We assess, plan, design and build world-class intranets and digital workplaces. We are recognized, world-class leaders and experts in intranets, and have been for 16 years, with 200+ clients and dozens of Fortune 500 and big brand leaders


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